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Details:The Free Space Omni-Binaural microphone consists of 4 pairs of ears, each pointed at 90 degrees from the adjacent pair. This provides a single point, 4-position binaural perspective of any audio environment. The Free Space Omni-Binaural microphone is ideally suited for adding immersive binaural audio to your 360 degree video production! Automated playback software coming soon! The Omni mic can also be used to provide binaural ... more info

Details:Shown here with the Externals Mounting Hardware option, and the optional grip handle:    If ordered, the grip handle is simply screwed into the bottom of the microphone. The Free Space delivers a very sensitive and natural binaural recording. In many cases, you will not even want to, or need to edit the final recording. The low noise floor results in a very open and dynamic binaural realism, especially during very delicate recordings. ... more info

Details:These silicone ears are the same ears made for the Free Space - 3D Microphone. Now you can buy them stand-alone for use in a binaural dummy-head project! These ears started from a 3D scan of a single ear using a CT scanner, and then I digitally enhanced the model for ideal 3D sound. After that, I mirrored and printed them using a 3D printer to create perfectly identical left/right molds. The ears are made of high quality, durable silicone ... more info

Details:Note: The camera and audio recorder shown in the images are not included. The Externals Mounting Hardware bracket is specifically designed for mounting a small HD sports camera and an external audio recorder. It allows you to mount a camera in the appropriate relative location to the ears on the mic, which is ideal for accurate POV experiences. Note: If you ordered the Free Space mic previously and are ordering the bracket separately, the ... more info