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Diminished sound quality. Hoping to start repair process!

  • Hi there,

    I've noticed that whenever I use my FS XLR, I'm pretty unhappy with the sound. It occurred to me that maybe something is wrong with it... distortion to sound is pretty poor, and spatialization isn't as good as would be expected. Can I send it in for inspection? Thank you!

  • Hi @Alex Davis,

    Thank you for reaching out to us.

    First, can you please tell me what you're connecting the mic to? What device? Audio interface? Digital recorder? Mixing console?

    Regarding the distortion, what are your gain settings set to? If you're getting distortion, most likely your gain settings are set too high for the sound source volume you're trying to capture. Try turning your gain down to see if that helps with distortion.

    Regarding the spatialization, make sure you are fully panning the ears left and right. When listening on headphones, you should only hear the left ear in your left headphone, the right ear in your right headphone.

    Give that a try and let me know if that improves your sound quality.

    Best regards,

    3Dio Customer Care

  • Hi Brian,

    Sorry for the delay and thank you for the response! It's a really tough situation for me, because the sound quality is poor, but not broken. The level of harshness, the lack of mid lows and low frequencies is problematic. I bought my unit in 2019 to create a spatial audio excerpt while recording the Kronos Quartet. The recording came out unusable... But I assumed I had done something wrong.

    Subsequently I have taken my 3dio mics out maybe half a dozen times to experiment, and each time I put them away, because the audio quality doesn't come close to my other mics. It's brittle, harsh, and unpleasant.

    I have an upcoming project where I'll be creating an interactive recording of multiple Stradivarius violins, and I'd love to create a binaural recording from the violinist's perspective. There's no way these 3dio mics will be useful to me in their current form. I wonder if my mics are damaged, or compromised in some way? 

    Also, I'm curious about my 3dio mic's need for phantom power... does it need? If I turn the power on, does that supply the necessary power to the condensers?

    Thanks so much for your time,


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