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How to Connect a 3Dio Directly to a DSLR Camera

  • In order for the 3Dio to connect to a DSLR camera, the camera must have an external microphone input that accepts a stereo signal. The input must be 3.5mm (1/8"), which is common on many DSLR cameras. Check your camera's specifications for compatibility. If the camera only accepts a mono microphone input and does not accept a stereo microphone input, then it is not compatible with a 3Dio mic (or any other stereo microphone).

    To connect directly to a DSLR camera, use a 3.5mm TRS to 3.5mm TRS cable. The connectors on the cable are sometimes called mini plug connectors.

    1. Connect one end of the cable to the stereo microphone input of the camera.
    2. Connect the other end to the 3.5mm output of the 3Dio.
    3. Turn the 3Dio power switch to the ON position.
    4. Configure the audio settings on the camera to enable the external mic input.

    Many DSLR cameras have settings to adjust the external microphone sensitivity. Check the camera's product manual for details.

  • will this work with a canon m50?

  • @Joon Huh,

    Great question! There is a topic already created for this question that can be found here: https://3diosound.com/community/forum/topic/34542/can-t-record-using-canon-eos-m50

    Thank you!
    3Dio Customer Care

  • interesting information

  • @3Dio

    I'm trying to set it up to my phone but my phone is only using my phone mic.

    I'm using the irig to connect it but it's just not working, I have use it befor on my phone and it worked just fine, but now it's not. I've tryed eveythink.

    The lights on the irig are blue when its all plug in, when i start recording an using the mic they don't go green when i make sounds, they just stay blue, an when i go back to listen to the recording the sound in just coming from the phone mic and not the 3dio.

    I have check that all the chords are plugs in properly, an that the mic is truned on.

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