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3DIO + Steinberg + OBS please help

  • Hello! Please help!

    I recently purchased a 3Dio and would want to do a ASMR stream with my PC. 

    But I am having a trouble with my settings for OBS.

    I have noticed that it catches my PCs sounds alot. 

    Is there a recommended setting for OBS or Steinberg? 

    So it will not catch my surrounding sound and keeps the sound quality great still. 


    Thank you in advance 

  • Hi @taekonv55 ,

    Thank you for posting your question.

    3Dio microphones contain two omnidirectional capsules in each ear. Omnidirectional microphones capture sound in all directions, just like our own ears do. In other words, if you can hear a sound in the room you're recording in, then the 3Dio mic will also hear it. The microphones are designed to mimic human hearing.

    You can use a 'denoise' effect in your recording/streaming software to reduce white noise sounds, but the best way to reduce extraneous noise is to simply remove the noise from the recording space. It also helps to use soundproofing material in the room to get a quiet space.

    I hope this information helps. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

    Best regards,
    3Dio Customer Care

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