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Microphone Stand Recommendations

  • Audio Wizard
    Staff member
    There are many different ways to setup your 3Dio microphone. Every 3Dio microphone comes with a 5/8"-27 microphone stand adapter to connect to most any mic stand. This adapter can be removed to connect the 3Dio to a 1/4"-20 connector like a camera tripod.
    There are many options when it comes to mic stands. There are weighted desktop boom stands to be used for recording while seated at a desk or console. A straight microphone stand will ensure that the mic is always upright, which is good for recording while standing without taking up a lot of room. A tripod boom stand will allow you the greatest flexibility for placement.
    Here are a few options (depending on your needs):
    If using a microphone stand with a boom arm, we recommend a ball joint adapter to keep the 3Dio upright:

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