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Is it Possible to Connect the 3Dio to a Rode Rodecaster Pro?

  • Audio Wizard
    Staff member

    Technically yes, it is possible with the 3Dio FS XLR and FS Pro II models, however there are no panning settings yet available on the Rodecaster Pro, which is required for a stereo microphone, like a 3Dio. Each ear on the 3Dio must be panned L & R respectively in order to achieve binaural audio.

    All the microphone inputs on the Rodecaster Pro are mono and will be recorded/streamed into both the left & right audio channels. If you connect the Rodecaster to a computer, you can pan the audio tracks in the streaming software, such as OBS.

    Alternatively, the recorded channels can be imported into a DAW, such as Reaper, Audacity, Pro Tools, Cubase or Logic and the stereo channels from the 3Dio can be panned in the DAW accordingly.

    Two (2) XLR 3-pin XLR cables are needed to connect a 3Dio FS XLR or FS Pro II microphone to the Rodecaster.


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