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How Do I Contact 3Dio?

  • Audio Wizard
    Staff member

    If you have a question, we encourage you to ask the question publicly on our forum so we can help other customers in the process in answering your question.

    To ask a question, click into the forum category that best suits your question and click the "Create Topic" button.

    If you don't see the "Create Topic" button, it is because you are not logged in. To login, simply click the 'Login' link in the upper right-hand corner of this page. If you don't have an account, click the "Register" link in the upper right-hand corner of this page to register.

    If you have a more specific question, you can reach us on our contact form here, you can email us at customercare@3diosound.com, or you can mail us at 7720 NE Highway 99, Suite D429, Vancouver, WA 98665, USA.

  • Can I use both output on the unit at the same time?

  • Audio Wizard
    Staff member

    @Xavier Robinson,

    Great question. Technically, you can use the XLR outputs (FS XLR and FS Pro II models only) and the 3.5mm output simultaneously, however we do not recommend it. The circuitry inside is not designed to provide dual outputs. The XLR outputs require 48V phantom power to power the capsules, however the 3.5mm output power input is isolated to the 9V battery inside the mic. Sending multiple power sources to the capsules is not how the microphone was designed to be used and therefore may have unpredictable results.

    Best regards,
    3Dio Customer Care

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