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How low will it go?

  • Hello 3DIO,

    I'm very interested in getting a microphone.  Specificallly, I want to record a large, Siberian shamanic drum, for example a drum simililar to this example from Youtube.  That will be the only instrument, and I want to capture that low frequency resonance.  I see your specs ... 60 hz bottom on the FS and 20 hz on the FS Pro II, but honestly I don't know how to translate that into how the result would sound musically.  

    My question is ... do I need to stretch for the FS Pro II for this project?  And would even that microphone do the trick?  Any thoughts?

    Thannk you for the help!

    Warm regards,



  • Audio Wizard
    Staff member

    Hi Wallace,

    Great question! The FS has a flat frequency response in the lower range all the way down to 60hz, but it does not completely cut off below that value. The response drops off, but not that significantly. To be certain, I just tested the response by putting a pair of headphones on the FS and applying a tone generator. The response was very good at 20hz with a very small decrease in volume when compared to listening directly to the tone generator.

    The FS will definitely capture the lower range all the way down to 20hz, it's just not as of a response as the Pro II. The FS Pro II has a nearly flat response all the way down to that range. That is one of the primary differences between the two models. With the FS, one option is to increase the lower frequencies in post production to boost the lower frequencies to your liking.

    When recording these drums, I would recommend recording at least a few feet away from the microphone because of their size. The drums, like most every other instrument, will generate overtones and resonant frequencies that are well above 60 hz.

    I hope this helps!


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