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What Are Some Good VST Plugins for Streaming ASMR in OBS?

  • Sometimes, applying effects and/or sound modulation to your streams can really bring life to your sound and greatly enhance the experience for your audience.

    When we record ASMR, we use the following effects and settings:
    • Denoise - This can get rid of extraneous hiss if I’ve got a high gain setting on the audio/interface or recorder. We never apply this more than 10% into the mix because we don't want the listener to notice the denoiser effect being applied. Any more than 10% and you'll start to reduce certain frequencies that balance out the overall sound.
    • Parametric EQ - This is mainly to flatten the signal. Slightly reducing the low end shelf(-3 to -5 dB) starting around 100 Hz and a small high end shelf boost (+3 to +5 dB for the FS and FS XLR) starting around 8-10 kHz. Keep in mind these settings are specific to ASMR. When recording music, we'll definitely use different settings to fit the instrument, the room, and the overall sound we're looking to achieve.
    • Tube-Modeled Compression - To calibrate this, we will find the loudest part of our recording and ensure that this plugin never compresses beyond 4dB. Most of the time, it's not actively compressing the signal. Our thresholds are usually around -20 or -25 dB for ASMR and a ratio of 2:1. We do often increase the gain within the compression plugin to boost the overall volume level if the original recording is quiet.

    Here are some VST plugins that are compatible with OBS (Windows Only): https://www.reaper.fm/reaplugs/

    If you are running on a Mac, here are some plugins for both Mac/Windows: https://www.meldaproduction.com/downloads

    Also, here’s a helpful article on how to integrate them into your stream: https://streamgeeks.us/vst-2-plugins-for-obs/
    Feel free to reach out to us for more info.
    Happy Streaming!
    3Dio Customer Care

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