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Presonus Studio 24C - 3Dio FS XLR

  • Hello, I have had 3Dio FS XLR for a while and decided to pick it up again, so I bought Presonus Studio 24C and attempted to connect through FS cables. No matter what settings on the Audio Box itself I set it doesn't pick up the audio. My computer is reacting to the Studio with no issue but there seems to be an issue with the microphone into the Studio operation. Is there perhaps requirement to FS XLR 3dio to use XLR connectors ? Or what might be the issue. The 3dio is also 3 years old and was pretty underused, is it possible that its broke over the time ? Thanks for any advice.

  • Hi @Kristian Kubálek,

    Thank you for the question.

    If you use the XLR outputs on the 3Dio, you are probably already aware that you must provide phantom power through the XLR cables in order for the microphone to function. This 48V phantom power comes from the Audio Box.

    When using the 3.5mm output on the 3Dio, the microphone still needs power in order to function.

    Enter the 9V battery inside the 3Dio.

    The 9V battery provides power to the microphone capsules when the power switch is in the ON position. If you haven't used the 3.5mm output in a long time, the 9V battery inside the microphone is most likely dead. Simply replace the 9V battery with a brand new one and give it another try.

    If you're still not getting a signal, let us know and we can continue to help troubleshoot the issue.

    I hope this information helps.

    Best regards,
    3Dio Customer Care

  • Hi , and thank you , I too have benefited from this information !

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