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Does 3Dio Offer a Calibration File?

  • We do not offer calibration files.
    Calibration files are typically offered by manufacturers of measurement microphones. Measurement microphones are often used in scientific applications where exact measurements of specific frequencies are needed, or a full spectrum analysis is desired.
    Binaural microphones uniquely provide a range of varying frequency responses depending on the location of the sound source relative to the microphone. This happens because of the presence of the prosthetic human ear pinna, which is what creates the binaural effect. In other words, a measurement at a 45º angle from directly in front of the mic will sound and measure differently than a measurement at a 90º angle, or 135º, and so on. This is what provides directional cues for our brain to get a 3D image of the environment around the mic, just like our own ears do. It allows us to pinpoint the locations of sound in space.

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