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left capsule perfect, right capsule silence

  • I recently bought a FS at one of the official distributor store overseas while I was visiting the country

    The left ear capsule of my FS works well and crystal clear, but the right ear capsule isnt working at all

    I use REAPER program and all I can do is transfer the received audio/sounds (from the left working capsule - FS mic) to a full right hearing (at my headphones) thru the program, my audio interface is a focusrite 2i2

    What might be the problem and I'd like to ask how to fix it please!

    Thank you for time on reading!


  • Hi @Shichun ,

    Thank you for posting your issue.

    First, have you replaced the 9V battery inside the mic? If the battery inside the mic is dead or low power, then usually one of the capsules will begin to fail.

    Give that a try and let us know if that doesn't resolve the issue and we can continue to troubleshoot.

    Thank you,

    3Dio Customer Care

  • I will buy a new battery to try your suggestion right away! Tho I tried to remove and return the (original included) battery back to the FS and now both capsules have no receiving audio/voice to both left and right hearing (at my headphones)

    Is it recommended to use a rechargable 9V battery? or no? If not, Energizer non-rechargable ones right? 

    I will wait for your reply and update the changing of battery as soon as possible! Thank you!

  • I changed the 9v battery, but the problem is still the same as the original problem

    only the left capsule works perfectly, but the right capsule is still silent


  • Hello! I changed the battery twice already and the results are still the same. I used 2 new 9v Energizer. Even the official distributor store doesnt know how to fix it and didnt reply to me afterwards too.

    please let me know if theres other ways to fix it huhu! 

  • Hi @Shichun ,

    Thank you for giving the battery swap a try. I'm sorry to hear that didn't fix the issue.

    Please reach out to us directly at customercare@3diosound.com so we can further assist you.

    Thank you,
    3Dio Customer Care

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