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3Dio FS not picking the binaural sound. Also not working with OBS.

  • Hello, 

    I have one 3Dio Fs with a Midiplus Smartface II audio interface. 

    When the Hosa splitter cable is connected to the interface and the mic, the cables pick up the sound, but I cannot ear the binaural effect. They sound the very same flat sound for both ears. I even attempted to change from Mono to Stereo and viceversa to see if there were any changes but nothing happened.

    As I tried with both Audacity and OBS, I realized that the programs do not show me left and right sound bar to get an understand from which ear the sound is picked, but just only showing me one single sound bar. I've attempted to watch several videos on how to make work the 3dio and the OBS program together, but in the end it does not seem to do the job properly.

    I would like to know how to set up the microphone to get the binaural effect accordingly and if it's possible to know how to fix the audio programs to get my 3dio to work from one ear to another. 

    Thank you!


  • Hello @Adenike Torriani,

    Thank you for reaching out to us and for the explanation and picture of your audio setup.

    First, the 1/4" connectors plugged into the Midiplus should be reversed. The black 1/4" connector (Left) should plug into CH1 and the red  1/4" connector (Right) should plug into CH2. This will ensure Left and Right are routed properly.

    Next, on the back of the Midiplus, make sure the stereo toggle switch on the back is set to "Stereo" for the output.

    Then, plug headphones into the Midiplus headphone output. Without the Midiplus connected to a computer, are you able to get a stereo binaural signal when listening to the mic with just the setup of the 3Dio, headphones, and the Midiplus?

    Also, make sure that your individual tracks within Audacity have the proper input channel selected. While we don't have a video tutorial specifically for Audacity, the same steps apply as shown in this video where we use Adobe audition. You must ensure that the left and right channels are panned left and right accordingly. Here is the video: https://youtu.be/D_X6fF4R9qw

    Regarding OBS, if you are able to confirm stereo functionality of the microphone, and you're still unable to get a stereo signal in OBS, we recommend reaching out to OBS support for assistance. They will be better suited to assist you with their software.

    I hope this info helps. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

    Best regards,

    3Dio Customer Care

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