Jeffrey Anderson | Founder & CEO

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Jeffrey has been obsessed with surround sound recording/playback since 2000, after he dreamt about a multichannel surround sound capture and playback device. Having just obtained his electrical engineering degree, Jeffrey experimented with customized surround sound recording/playback techniques. He began his focus on binaural audio in 2007. He spent the following years researching binaural audio and perfecting the "ears". In 2012, he removed the head, and 3Dio was born...


Brian Anderson CMO

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Brian began playing music at an early age. A drummer by trade, he was playing bars in Seattle at 16 years old. A recording engineer and producer, he played in various bands while attending college for business. Post-college, he held way too many positions at various retail companies: tradeshow coordinator, PR specialist, wholesale marketer, product photographer, merchandiser, ecommerce manager, producer, and product manager. He joined Jeff in 2015 to help get him caught up on orders. A few months later he quit his job and joined 3Dio full time and the rest is history.

In 2022, Jeff and Brian acquired the eurorack synth module and electro-acoustic instrument makers, Folktek. Their goal is to continue the pioneering work of the previous owners of Folktek in producing beautiful and artistic, ground-breaking synth modules, guitar pedals and electro-acoustic instruments.