3Dio Microphones in ASMR

Create Amazing ASMR Tingles with 3Dio Microphones

ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is often described as a tingling sensation on the skin that occurs on the head, the back of the neck, or upper back. Many people listen to ASMR videos while studying, working, or simply to help them fall asleep.

If you've ever watched an ASMR video, chances are good you've seen a 3Dio microphone used to create countless tingles. Over the years, hundreds of ASMR artists have turned to 3Dio microphones to create some of the best ASMR videos on the internet.

Experience ASMR for yourself! Put on headphones, click the play button, and fall into a calm and relaxed state with hypnotic tingles recorded in 3Dio binaural audio by Oracle ASMR.

The microphone used in the video was a 3Dio FS Pro II Binaural Microphone.

Image & Video Credit: Oracle ASMR

FS Binaural Microphone

FS XLR Binaural Microphone

FS Pro II Binaural Microphone

The Big ASMR Influencers Use 3Dio Microphones

3Dio has been involved in ASMR since the early days. Long before the ASMR Super Bowl Ad or the Netflix series showcasing the world of ASMR, 3Dio microphones have been used by large and small influencers alike. ASMR is most effective when the listener feels like they are up close and personal with the artist. Given that 3Dio microphones mimic human hearing and make you feel as if you are in the recording space, 3Dio microphones and ASMR are the perfect match. Whisper into the ears of your audience and melt their cares away with 3Dio binaural microphones.

Put on headphones and enjoy this sample video of some amazing triggers by the one and only FastASMR.

Image & Video Credit: Fast ASMR

Stress, Anxiety, and Insomnia Relief from ASMR

ASMR is not only just for tingles. Many people report relief from stress, anxiety,  and even insomnia. As the ASMR industry continues to grow, more research is being conducted on the efficacy and benefits of ASMR. 3Dio continues to be at the forefront of this research, providing microphones for different case studies and research experiments by prestigious universities and organizations. 3Dio is proud to be a part of a growing movement that provides a state of calm, relaxation, stillness and inner-peace to millions of people around the world.

Put on headphones, click the play button, and enjoy Ear Cleaning with No Talking by ASMR Dream More.

The microphone used for this video is a 3Dio FS XLR Binaural Microphone.

Image & Video Credit: ASMR Dream More


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