3Dio Microphones in Film Making

3Dio Binaural Microphones Put You Inside the Film 

Any great filmmaker knows the importance that audio plays in telling a story. Good sound design requires the right microphone for the job. 3Dio microphones can elevate your films to the next level by providing a truly immersive soundscape that transports your audience into the film as if the camera had ears. Additionally, binaural 360 audio can complete the experience by being the eyes beyond the view of the camera lens. 3Dio microphones will capture the true sonic landscape for each and every scene by providing 3-dimensional audio, surely captivating your audience.

Put on headphones, click the play button, and take a glimpse into the world of the Baka People of Cameroon, recorded in 3Dio binaural audio.

The microphone used for the video was a 3Dio FS Pro II Binaural Microphone.

Video Credit: Chris Sorenson

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Bring Your Films to Life With 3Dio Microphones

Immerse your audience into your films with binaural audio. The 3Dio FS Series microphones provide a professional first-person perspective that will bring your film to life. 3Dio microphones act as the ears for your camera lens by providing a 360° spherical soundscape using only a stereo signal. Use 3Dio microphones to capture ambient sounds for any scene or simply use it as a stand alone audio capturing device.

Put on headphones and enjoy this video compilation of some of our favorite binaural sounds recorded with a selection of different 3Dio microphones.

Image Credit: The Verge, Ash Tailor

Our Microphones

FS Binaural Microphone

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FS Pro II Binaural Microphone

Surround Your Audience with 3D Binaural Audio

Most microphones used for film making are directional and don't capture the full picture of sound beyond the camera viewport. However, 3Dio FS series microphones provide a three dimensional experience that gives your audience a true sense of depth of sound both on and off the screen. Even if your audience is listening on a speaker system rather than headphones, 3Dio binaural audio opens up and expands the audio beyond stereo providing a wider soundscape.

Put on headphones, click the play button, and enjoy a binaural walk through the enchanting Hoh Rainforest in Washington State. You can hear the birds singing and the wind blowing through the trees. Listen to the details of each footstep as we traverse the beautiful landscape of the forest.

The microphone used for this video was a 3Dio FS Pro II Binaural Microphone.

How does Binaural work?

Binaural Must be Listened to on Headphones

In order to experience true binaural sound, left and right isolation of the ears is required using any headphones or earbuds. Listening to binaural on speakers results in cross-talk and a loss of directionality.

Binaural Provides Directionality

Binaural audio allows us to pinpoint the locations of sounds in every direction using only a stereo signal.

The Shape of the Microphone Matters

True binaural audio requires a microphone with human-shaped ears in order to capture and replicate how we hear the natural world. The ears are spaced about 6" apart to mimic the average width of the human head.

Head Related Transfer Function (HRTF)

Despite the lack of a full dummy head, the shape of the ear disks provide ample HRTF to capture reflections off the microphone the same way sound waves bounce off our own heads before entering our ears.

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